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Friday, November 6, 2009

A Cemetery Wedding.

This was a unique one for me. I was given the opportunity to second-shoot for Stephen Geffre. When I was told where it was going to be I JUMPED. There was no way I was letting this gig get away. Not only was the ceremony being held at the Lakewood Cemetery Chapel in Minneapolis, but the reception was at the Soap Factory... which is quite literally an old soap factory converted into an art gallery. The couple was great to work with. I spent much of my time with Federico and the guys, and let me tell ya, this guy had style.

It looks as though this wedding will wrap up the season for me (barring any surprise bookings), and what a way to end it. Thanks again SG, and congrats to the couple! Federico and Jessica!

(remember when I said he had style?)

This place was incredible!

Remember what I said about it being an art gallery? Walk through the wrong curtain and you find yourself in this room. Such a surreal experience, felt like I was in a video game. (yes this is a photograph)

Of course we need a shot of dessert!

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